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Aug 8, 2019
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Titan Paint Roller Gets You Perfectly Straight Edges In Seconds

Not only is painting just about the worst thing you could ever have to do in your life, painting the edges of walls is one of the most dreaded tasks known to mankind. This device known as Titan Paint Roller, allows you to hook it up to a paint sprayer and easily paint all of your edges with ease without the need for a paint brush. Plus, no need for taping the edges!

Titan 0538900 or 538900 Spray Guide Accessory Tool (Titan Paint Roller) is a spraying accessory for easy cutting in with no prep work. This device hooks up to your paint sprayer and features a roller on the end of it that you roll along the edges of your walls as you spray the paint. So you can perfectly straight edges in seconds.

Titan Paint Roller
Titan Paint Roller
Titan Paint Roller

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