Dec 19, 2018
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Stubby Strip Original Neoprene Bottle or Can Holder

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If you’re looking to haul around a bunch of beers for consumption at a party, BBQ, or picnic, but aren’t looking to attach them to your bicycle like this thing, then this Stubby Strip beverage holder might be for you. When you are ready for that ice cold beverage, you don’t have to fish around the ice and freezing water for your drink, just pull out your loaded StubbyStrip and you’re off to the races! You might ask, “how do the bottles not fall out?” It’s simple – when you wrap up the StubbyStrip, the tension pulls the bottles or cans together. Then, when you pick it up, gravity does the rest! The very weight that pulls at the seams is what tightens up each individual slot in the StubbyStrip, keeping a snug fit around each precious beverage.

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