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Solar Powered Car Window Auto Ventilator

Almost everyone experiences many times when come back to parked car on a blistering hot day, and can hardly even sit down on car seat without burning your legs and inhaling hot air into your lungs? Now you no longer need to feel hot when you just enter the car in summer days. This solar powered auto cooler ventilation fan functions as cooling, ventilation to keep interior air clean, detoxifying, lengthen lifespan of the inner electrical components of cars. It is also energy saving as well fits for any car window.

It’s called the Auto Cool, and the way it works is, you simply attach the device to the top of your window and roll your window all the way up. The Auto Cool then uses a solar panel on the back of it to gain power from the sun, which it will then turn a fan on to push the hot air out of your car. A small vent goes up and around your window to push the air out, so you can still keep your windows all the way and secure while your away from your car.