Jan 10, 2019
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GlowCity Light Up Basketball

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This LED Basketball is so amazing! As soon as you bounce the ball, two impact activated LED lights illuminate the entire basketball with a magnificent red glow. The ball looks, feels and plays just like a regular basketball. Shooting some hoops in the driveway after dark has never been so much fun! Be the first to show your friends this unique ball. We’ve heard so many great stories from basketball players who have tried our LED Basketball and love it. Great for: Basketball Freestyles, Performances, Halftime Shows, Talent Shows, Trick Shots and many other fun uses.

The glowing basketball uses two LEDs instead of one which most other use. This allows the entire ball to illuminate like glowing fire while you play. It works by detecting the ball bouncing, so it’ll turn off once you start playing, and will turn off shortly after you stop bouncing it.

Its always fun playing with products that glow or light up. Here at GlowCity, we play with this ball all of the time and take breaks from work to shoot some hoops. In addition to this being a really fun product, we’ve noticed ourselves getting more exercise than usual. We play with the ball at times we normally wouldn’t and play longer because its so much fun. These make great gifts and are truly a unique product. Show up to your next local night basketball game or event and bring one of these. Just bouncing these illuminated balls attracts attention like you wouldn’t believe. People are drawn right to the ball at night and will want to see it for themselves.

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