Dec 7, 2018
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Elenker Heat Powered Stirling Engine Runs On Top Of Your Coffee Cup

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There’s nothing quite like some science trickery to spicen up your desk at work, to show just how much cooler you are than your coworkers! This low temperature heat powered stirling engine, will run right off the heat from your coffee cup, and will not only make for the coolest desk ornament, but will also most likely wow your boss into giving you a raise!

This is traditionally known as an external combustion engine in contrast to an internal combustion engine where the heat input is by combustion of a fuel within the body of the working fluid. Unlike the steam engine’s use of water in both its liquid and gaseous phases as the working fluid,the Stirling engine encloses a fixed quantity of permanently gaseous fluid such as air or helium.

As in all heat powered stirling engine, the general cycle consists of compressing cool gas, heating the gas, expanding the hot gas, and finally cooling the gas before repeating the cycle. You can put the stirling motor toy in top of hot water to make the temperature difference. You also can put it in top of ICE to get the termperature difference, Just enjoy the toy!