Dec 3, 2018
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EasiTwist Easy Jar Opener

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The EasiTwist Jar Opener is a device that will open the tightest of jars that are impossible to open with your puny little arms. The jar opener accommodates four different sizes of jars which is perfect for opening a jar of pickles, olives, jam, or even smaller items such as a bottle of soda, or a bottle of hot sauce.

This patented EZ jar opener is designed to fit virtually any size lid or cap for quick opening. The easy grip jar opener accommodates large and small hands and creates leverage that makes opening any lid a breeze. Simply select the appropriate opening size, grip firmly and twist. The soft rubber gasket creates a firm grip every time. Great for the every chef, for the family and everyday use, as it is simple to use for children, elderly and arthritis sufferers.

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