Nov 27, 2018
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A Shoe Shaped Dog Bed

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Your pet will go ape over their new cozy haven, and you’ll love the newly updated “form fitted” faux fleece Sasquatch! Sock, that easily pulls out for easy machine washing. The entire bed is made of cushiony non-toxic material that’s odor resistant, updated with a sleeker shape while maintaining plenty of usable space inside the bed for accommodating all small to medium size pets, and you just wipe clean! The unique, patented “roll bar” at the heel provides the perfect place for your pet to rest their furry head. Our unique pet friendly material will help keep your family members cool in the summer and warm in the winter. and YOU get a touch of dramatic style for your home!

They tear, shred, eat, and poop in your shoes enough that you might as well just let them sleep in them. Well now they can with this giant shoe shaped dog bed. Shaped like a giant croc, or a slipper, the giant shoe dog bed will be your dog’s new favorite spot to sleep besides on your lap or maybe on top of your actual shoes.

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